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Introduction to the Undergraduate Faculties

Bunkyo Gakuin University is comprised of four faculties: the Faculty of Foreign Studies, the Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of Human Studies, and the Faculty of Health Science Technology. We emphasize practical education that is centered on an educational philosophy of "independence and coexistence." Our Hongo Campus in central Tokyo is located just 20 minutes from Tokyo Station and only 80 minutes from the Narita Airport. The Fujimino Campus is in Saitama, a prefecture adjacent to Tokyo. Both campuses provide an environment conducive to four years of intensive studying, with libraries, student lounges, and multiple computer facilities.





Bunkyo Gakuin University
Faculty of Foreign Studies

English Communication DepartmentIntroduction_H.jpg

International Business Program

International Business Course

International Liberal Arts Programs

International Cooperation Course

English Education Course

International Culture Course

Faculty of Business Administration

Business Administration DepartmentIntroduction_H.jpg

Management and Communication Programs

Corporate Strategies and Communication Course

Business Incubation / Finance and Accounting Course

Contents and Marketing Programs

Marketing Course

Visual Contents Course

Faculty of Human Studies
Sociology and Communication DepartmentIntroduction_F.jpg
Child Development DepartmentIntroduction_F.jpg
Social Welfare and Social Work DepartmentIntroduction_F.jpg
Psychology DepartmentIntroduction_F.jpg
Faculty of Health Science Technology
Physical Therapy DepartmentIntroduction_F.jpg
Occupational Therapy DepartmentIntroduction_F.jpg
Clinical Laboratory Medicine DepartmentIntroduction_F.jpgIntroduction_H.jpg

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