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Library Facilities

Hongo Library

The Hongo Library spans four floors. The collection includes approximately 144,000 volumes, 2,400 audio-visual materials, and 290 magazine titles. Computer work stations inside the library are linked to the Internet and students can also conduct searches of the libraries holdings. There is a comprehensive range of materials for students to access about employment opportunities, and the requirements for various examinations and national qualifications.

>Hongo Library homepage(Japanese only)

Fujimino Library

The Fujimino Library has collection of approximately 105,000 volumes, 2,705 audio-visual materials, and 300 magazine titles. There are 23 computer information terminals that can be used to search the library holdings and the Internet. In order to increase the digital connectedness of the library environment students with their own computers can now access the Internet via a wireless LAN connection. A knowledgeable librarian is also available to respond to questions and queries.
>Fujimino Library homepage(Japanese only)

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